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How hard it is to be a one man indi team and publishing on many hardware.

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So published the latest update to a old game of mine today and started thinking.

So many hours you spend on something only for the love of it.

I havent earned much on the game in 2 years and is under 30 us dollars on adds and sales after all fees have bin payed.

Its pretty crazy that its now on itch io , amazon and google play.

Itch io have 4 versions of the same game that neads updates every time.

demo,linux,windows and html5 version.

And mobiles is amazon and google play.

Google is a pain in the b**t with all weird constant changes on how to publish and rules on trailer content and game.

I got one trailer with a copyright strike that it would be removed if i did not remove the adds in it?

Wath the ??? i have no adds on my trailer but Youtube put in adds to pay royalty to the musican i bought the music from without my knowledge.

Its a weird thing this indi dev today.

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