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Read on for this week's patch notes and updates. Enjoy!

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Please find below the patch notes for this week's update. Enjoy!

  • Added player moderator capabilities
  • Added an achievement for obtaining all three golden tools. Upon completing this, tools will auto equip themselves when casting Extract on a resource.
  • Added an enrage timer to the Sunken Torturer
  • Removed the Sunken costume from Louis' Shop - Don't worry, he will restock later!
  • Warrior Balance Changes:
    • Increased Adrenaline Rush to 20% per point, up from 15%
    • Aftershock changed to now increase Quake damage by 8% per point and also reduces Quake's cooldown by 1 second per point
    • Reinvigorate is now "Armor Crusher". Mighty Blow now reduces enemy armor by 6% per point for 8 seconds with this talent.
    • The cooldown for Battle Cry has been reduced to 30 seconds, down from 60 seconds
    • The Rage requirement for Quake has been reduced to 20, down from 30.
    • Way of the Sentry now has 5 points max instead of 3
    • Way of the Sentry now grants 7% armor, 90% threat increase, and 6% damage reduction per point
    • Challenger now grants a damage effect to Intimidate which scales based off the Warrior's health
  • Ranger Balance Changes
    • Will to live is now multiplicative and the bonus is now 20% per point
    • Crippling Poison's chance to slow has been increased to 20% per point, up from 10%
  • The Assassin skill "Rush" has been renamed to "Surge"
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to get stuck on large objects
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