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Chicken Assassin features a backpack inventory system! If you'd like to see it in action, here it is!

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Chicken Assassin is an RPG clicker based on missions/battles and acquiring the appropriate skills to complete them. One key aspect to early players is the ability to carry more items and loot. You may need to purchase a larger..... BACKPACK!


Here you will see a short demo of the Inventory system with backpack upgrade implemented. At first, the inventory size is very small and contains overlay buttons with lock icons. When the backpack upgrade is purchased, using our currency: souls, the inventory size increases and more slots are available.

We are making mountains of progress and working toward a playable build. Things are looking good. The art is coming out at a rapid pace and we have finally completed the upgrades we had planned for our playable build. The features will all be present, however there will be a smaller set of each, so that we do not spoil the game for our players who will be buying it on steam.

Our plan is to seek a greenlight, down the road so if you are checking in, please continue to support us and if you have an awesome game - leave it in the comments. We'd love to check it out too. We are gamers after-all!

Thanks so much for the continued support!


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