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This post will tell you the news/updates and a possible release date?!

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Hello everyone, this is Ian, the developer of HSM (High School Madness) and this break, oh my god! This break made me learn ALOT of stuff, like coding in Java, a little C++, etc. Sadly, I didn't have time to learn C++ fully,but meh I will later :D . Anyways, lets get on TOPIC :D, the Game's NEWS AND UPDATES

The game has been in a slow pace, and it might be delayed for the suggested release date sadly. But don't worry, it wont be a BIG DELAY, maybe a week or so of a delay. ALSO, as you can see, I upgraded my graphics in a detailed manner, but not really the modern look of things, but hey, I'll get to it once my pixel art skills upgrade.

In the next day or so, I'll be going full blown into upgrading the graphics and possibly be adding more layouts (By the way, I made a hallway and a locker and one non-finished classroom) (Pics will be made once it's out of its layout stage).

During this week/next week, I'll start on programming the AI on teachers, and students and at least make them spawn :D. After that, I would do the time system, inventory system, simple chat to NPC's, etc

Suggested Release Date: End of Feburary

What will not be in V 0.1:

Sadly, V 0.1 will not have an open-world, but will have the house and the school system. So if you're expecting the full release, then im sorry, cause that will be out somewhere in the summer/fall D:

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