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Showcase of production line for iron ingots in Revive and Prosper with interesting facts on how the real iron is made. In this game phase your characters mine iron ore manually and then put it into a storage from where the automated prudction starts.

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Hey Revivers 🌱

Did you know iron ore needs a temperature around 1500°C for melting?

Automated production line powered by a windmill

Check a quick showcase how you’ll craft iron in Revive and Prosper.

  • Your characters manually mine iron ore resources from the ground and place it into the storage.
  • Then, the built automation production line takes its turn.
  • The belt extractor moves ore from storage to conveyor belts powered by a torque of windmill.
  • Belts deliver the ore straight into a furnace set to production mode.

In real life, iron ore is heated to a high temperature in a furnace because the melting point of iron is 1538°C.
This heat is required to break the chemical bonds between the iron and oxygen atoms in the ore.
Then, the molten iron is collected and poured into molds to solidify into a product called pig iron.

The iron making process can take from a few hours to a full day, depending on the size of the furnace and the amount of iron being produced.

In Revive and Prosper it takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to melt an iron ore into 10 pig iron ingots ready to use for building.

So, next time you’re constructing an iron bridge, remember all the time and effort you don’t need to put into making it because of smart development and automation in Revive and Prosper.

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Shootinka for Revive and Prosper Team

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