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We are on Steam for wishllisting! More art and a minor tech update.

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Hello Everyone!

Over the past month we have been busy working on a few interesting things!


After going through the steps of uploading our first game to steam - we have been able to get Last Message onto steam for everyone to start wishlisting!

The game will be free and has a release date of late October. So get ready!


New Logo:

With the progression of the game we have come to think differently about the logo of the game. It was a bit too complicated and needed to change to better reflect the game as well and staying simple.

Character Art:

As the game has progressed so has our thoughts on how the characters in the game need to be shown to the player. With this in mind we have created new shots to target how some of the characters can be portrayed.

We wanted Jill (The protagonist) to be more unique to the asset pack and relate more towards her spouse. So we have reskinned her, retook shots and created a photo of her and her husband our at a park.

Willow is an interesting character that is rather hard to demonstrate visually. We wanted her to be shown strong, carefree and prepared.

May is a character that we wanted to show as being very outgoing and enjoying outside before the outbreak.


With a lot of the primary in-game chat done we have been able to focus more on getting game features coded.

Washing line:

One feature that the game has needed for a while is the washing line. This is an interactive feature that allows you to transport items between buildings. This is an important storytelling part of the game that will be utilized many times.

Even though this is still very much WIP - it can give an idea of how it works!

New Team members!

With the deadline getting close we have added 2 new members onto the team to assist us achieving our goal! (Now at 5)

Look for some amazing content in upcoming updates!


We have done a lot this month!

A lot we aren't able to show or talk about yet as we don't want to share too much ;)

Keep up to date!

Don't forget to wishlist on steam!

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