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A formal introduction to Attack! Of The Zedwords! by Gravemind Studios.

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Hey everybody, thanks for checking out Attack! Of The Zedwords! Today I'm gonna tell what the game is all about and why its so much fun. The objective in the game is simple, survive as long as you can. You will not survive forever, at some point you will inevitably hear the distinctive and unwelcome click of an empty weapon while a horde of flesh eating zombies rips their way through your defenses eventually racing toward you in a fit of rage that can only be cured by eating your brains. If you've laid down enough landmines maybe the sentry guns can handle the stragglers, and then you can cling on to your axe for dear life and test your luck against the next wave.

The game is played by placing barricades, explosives, sentry guns and whatever you can between yourself and a horde of zombies. You get points for damaging the zombies and can use those points to immediately buy whatever defensive items you have unlocked. These include explosives, sentry guns and barricades. The barricades snap together to quickly build walls around the area you want to hold out in. Fortifying the area with claymores, landmines and sentry guns will help you stay alive a little longer and so will strategically choosing a place to holdout. For example, if you build a base near the ammo box, you will have easy access to ammo, but if it's in an open area you will need to buy more walls and you would be open to attacks from more angles.

The next biggest thing about this game is the level editor. You can edit the maps from as simply as moving the ammo box to the spot you thought would be easy to hold out in, to as complex as redesigning the level. You can even design buildings on the foundations in the levels that have them. Walls, windows, doors, and other infrastucture snap together to cleanly assemble buildings making it easy to make your very own zombie survival map. Not only can you create your own custom maps, but you will be able to share them with the community and get a chance to have people play YOUR zombie map!

The AOTZ demo will be released in March. This game is currently in development by a one-man team part time in Unity. If you like this game, let me know, but more importantly let your friends know. For all the indie developers with no marketing budget, your voice is the best way to show your support. Thanks again for checking out the game and follow me @GravemindStudio for more updates on the games progress.

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