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Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic city building game with a unique moral choice and legal system. After surviving its first fortnight on sale the pre-alpha version now has its first update.

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It's been a fun and frantic 2 weeks since we put our pre-alpha version of Atomic Society up for sale on our website. We weren't really sure what to expect showing it to the public so soon but the first feedback has been positive and the bugs were relatively manageable. No crashes as far as we know! Sales have been modest but regular and that's the way we'd prefer it right now.

After version 0.0.1 dropped we started tidying it up, addressing any issues players stumbled across (some of which we could never have guessed working alone at home) and putting in new stuff.

Here's the latest 0.0.2 patch notes (which might mean something to you if you've played the game):

New Content/Tweaks:

• The “Forest” level has been improved, tested and balanced and can now be freely played on.
• A ruined child’s playground has been added to the game in certain environments.
• UI improvements to make it clearer if the player is in Town Leader or Overview mode
• Auto-Employ button now fills all vacant slots in one go.
• Added a new overhead icon to show if a building has no workers.
• Space bar key now flips between town leader and overview mode.
• You can now rotate constructions clockwise and counter-clockwise with the E and R keys.
• The names of people who bought the Special Edition and claimed their rewards have been added to the list of pools for first and second names (don’t forget to claim yours if you haven’t already!)
• Not all buildings require 4 employees now. Some require more or less.
• Citizen’s needs decay more slowly. This will make the game easier to get a larger population.
• You can now employ workers when they are tending their needs.
• You can zoom out further in Town Leader mode to get a better overview.
• Town Leader movement with the mouse has been improved and should feel snappier overall.
• Crashed planes you find in the wasteland can now be converted into homes or storehouses.
• Construction improved. Engineers are now more intelligent about gathering supplies, and will start building as soon as 1 of them arrives (not 4).

Bug Fixes/Tweaks:

• Fixed a bug where a citizen’s current task was not showing up on their UI.
• Fixed a rare bug that caused the Town Leader to get occasionally stuck out of the environment after building something.
• Citizens no longer enter the storehouse through a wall.
• The day counter now resets correctly when you load a new level.
• If you fire a worker, the auto hire button will hire someone new, not the same person again.
• Fixed a bug that stopped citizens following the Town Leader at the start of the game.
• Fixed a bug that could cause corpses to stretch in weird ways if a person died in or near a building.
• Improved navigation for citizens and Town Leader. Should decrease them turning around and running backwards briefly and acting in other glitchy ways.
• Fixed a bug where the avatar refused to help build anything.
• Fixed a bug that caused citizens to die inside structures where their corpse would be inaccessible.
• Fixed a bug that meant certain players were unable to move in game the very first time they loaded the game.
• Made it so the avatar/scavengers will drop off just what they can if there is not enough room to drop off everything in a storehouse.

Not too shabby for 2 weeks?

Now of course we're working on 0.0.3, which I hope will see the return of the ethical and moral side of the game alongside any other features/fixes we can cram in. We're planning for a new update every 2 weeks which feels like a good compromise between speed and actually having updates worth checking out.

Still got a long way to go but it's fun getting there. Big thanks to our all our early supporters/customers!

I'll be back next week with our latest dev blog which takes a more personal, insiders look at what's happened over the past few weeks and explains some of these changes in more detail.



Great game!!! Looking forward to future updates :)

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nice updates! Thats quite a lot for 2 weeks ;o congrats! Hope to see your game grow in the future ~

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