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We're on a roll! Today's update is about those little details in CotD that make everything feel much more 'alive'.

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We just can’t constrain ourselves to share this with you before we plunge into the weekend. The .gif below shows a night scene with a couple of new effects that add to the atmosphere of the game. Notice the mosquitoes flying around the lights, the gusts of wind, and the rain drops that make a splash as they hit the ground. These details make everything feel much more alive.

Click for a high-res screenshot

Longtime followers of our blog might remember this one: the ‘floaticles’ are back! As you can read in this article, floaticles are essentially particles that are a bit smarter than your average particle; they increase the spatial awareness effect that makes you feel as if you’re walking through a cloud of floaticles.

In the middle of the square, some mist can be seen which will be added to other locations in the game as well, like over water and farmland. These veils of low hanging mist are a common sight in the Netherlands and some people find it quite spooky. It’s not a coincidence that this mist is also called ‘Witte Wieven’, who are white spirits from Dutch mythology. Nowadays the mist is just a nuisance to many car drivers though.

Pretty sweet, don’t you think?

Plejadenwolf - - 520 comments

Wow, I like your incursion of Dutch mythology very much. And the details look amazing, I hope there is much room for the player to explore the world and some of it myths. And with myths I mean myths which are terrific and were you shiver down your spine. Not because they're so bloody and terrible, just because they are mystic and very much out of everyday life in relation to every timeline, past, present and future.

Cheers and great work! Keep it going!

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Steven_ Author
Steven_ - - 9 comments

Thanks Plejadenwolf! We're doing our best ^^

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booman - - 3,654 comments

Absolutely Beautiful! I love the blue-ness of night time and the revealing colors from the lights!
Wonderful work, keep it up!

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