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A brief run-down of what's been going on the past week with Atajrubah.

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What's happening this week in development ?

Hey there wonderful people, we're back with another update.
Things have been moving ahead as planned, myself and the team have been keeping ourselves quite busy.

I've finished coding the Decompose functionality for player and
creature corpses. Script Hooks for animation are up and running now, apart from that I shall be tackling GUI R&D this next week and refactoring my code base.

Dan continues his wonderful work on the new building assets


John Kochanczyk and I spent some time yesterday recording new sounds for the game. This time using a binaural microphone ! Please do take the time to watch the video.

AJ over at Fortesounds has created an amazing Title Theme for Atajrubah, I would highly recommend you give it a listen. It certainly gave the team a creative boost.

Dan,Joe and myself have been working on a UI for the game. The next couple weeks should see us implementing this new UI. With a new UI you will see the expansion of the crafting mechanics.

I shall be recording some gameplay videos for Atajrubah. I will be covering the crafting mechanics and talking about various development related topics.

This week's wonderful people !

- Anonymous
- Kartho
- N.Nahas
- Randolph Greenback
- Andrew Murray

- Grace Delmar

And far more referrers than we can list !

Atajrubah Coverage Online:

[IGN Middle East : Weekly Fix]


[Oculus Mate-ioz]

Thank you for all your support and for taking the time to read our updates!

Best Regards and Much Love
Mr.Nexy and the Atajrubah Team

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