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After a few months without update, ANGON is back and with more news than ever!

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Welcome back, survivors!

In recent months we have not moved any news about ANGON and we imagine that some of you have wondered why.

Well, a lot of things happen in those months and the team underwent a reformulation in several aspects so that we can continue the progress of the game.

But the fact is: development was not stopped!

On the contrary, it has always been at full steam and we can from now on show much more to those who follow us!

Let's get right to the point, the news.


  • During those months, the team's main concern was to keep the combat challenging, balanced and interactive, avoiding repetitive fighting, which is often the case with battles in turn.
    As a result, changes were made to promote the individualism of each combatant through perks and traits, giving each individual a unique role in combat.
  • For real consequences of the battles that the player decides to engage, wounds have been added that can be permanent or temporary, which affect directly the abilities of the wounded, being able to transform the best warrior of the group into a blind with few utilities in battle, so choose well strategy and which enemy to face.
  • Our concern is also with realism, so we reshape the whole arsenal of the game so that the player feels the effects of each equipment that he uses, balancing the strategies and increase the dynamism of the combat, since the wrong combination of equipment can bring a chaos to the group during the battle.


  • We believe in the ambition of the game, in the innovation of gameplay and in the interaction of the player with the world we are creating, so we decided to divide the whole story into more than one game so that the player can have total immersion in the world, looking over the details and ways of interacting with the universe that is rich and full of history.
    The consequences of this is that from now on we will be able to work in more detail in each aspect, increasing the time of game and prolonging the adventure.


  • We are extremely excited to announce "Beyond Angon", a series of animations that will tell you more about the world of ANGON since its earliest reports.
    The videos will be animated and narrated and will have subtitles translated into 2 more languages: Portuguese and Spanish.

So, we say goodbye to you remembering that from now on we come back with the weekly updates and look forward to your interaction!

Thank you all and see you next week!


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