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ASOD 0.4 Status Report. This report is on the progress of ASOD as of 5-19-2009 at 3:57 pm.

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Where are you guys? By that I mean when I requested help prioritizing features by fan demand, where were your comments. I got ONE in over a week, and still just ONE total.

So, in the absence of any weigh-able feedback, I used suggestions from the ONE that I received. It suggested more trade, finishing the universe, and adding a starmap. I also added some other cool features that will impress you and actually add far more than ever to the universe.

So far...

Here are the features in ASOD 0.4 so far....

  • Random NPC Pirate encounters were added, and scaled by system. This should make trade harder.
  • A new trade route, but it is the longest one readily apparent so far.
  • Piracy is now viable (as in blowing up NPC traders) as a money maker.
  • Some new indicators were added.

Planned in 0.4.....

These features are planned in version 0.4 at release time...

  • Star map, there will not be an in-system map, only a starmap. Reason: The overview design means you do not need an in-system map.
  • NPCs will finally be able to warp between points, but this will be limited so you can still kill them.
  • I will TRY (try is keyword, it is hard as I have failed 3 times before!) to add NPC vs NPC combat. This is extremely hard to do.
  • Researcher NPCs.


This is a complex project, and I am all alone doing it. I believe I am pushing a quality product, especially for free, and it will be very cool when completed. If you are wondering why I am not adding new systems, it is because I'm using the 6 I have now to lay the bricks for the entire universe. Once these basic features are implemented, I will add the other systems and it will not take long. Be patient, and please send feedback. A world without feedback is a pointless one after all.

In addition, the project needs music. If you want to make all the difference in the world, you will create and send 15-30 second loopable sounding music clips for the game. I am working on an audio switcher that will change the music based on the player's activities/situation.

Fly safe.

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