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Systech Laboratories is looking for YOU to help voice our works!

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Dear [insert diligent worker name here],

Systech Laboratories is looking for voice actors to join them in their works and would like you to help. One voice actor is currently needed with them being female. You will be required to have a marvelous voice, and working microphone with, if possible, no background noise being heard. Must be able to yell.

If anyone wants to join and become a great voice in the cast of Systech Laboratories then make sure to private message the creator of the mod, PAPSKu11T0m. All credits will be given to the voice actor with either their online name or real name determined by which is given. A free multi-dimensional cookie will also be given to voice actors who contribute in the works; just don't try eating it. Thank you for your time!

Sincerely, Systech Laboratories (Kelson Burke)

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