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A quick summary of armor customization and armor tiers.

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Armor Customization 1

Hello and welcome to a quick overview of armor customization mainly base armor and tiers, this isn't going to be overly in-depth and is mainly going to be a follow up to the video about the same topic, if you're interested I'll be going over the smaller details on Thursday as well as a small teaser for the showcase on Sunday.

Oh and before I start to make sure you've watched to the showcase as some of this article will reference that video its not required but some things will make a lot more sense if you've seen the video

Armor tiers and how the

So let's get started with the basics of armor that being armor tiers, they start as low as one ranging all the way to tier seven, the higher the tier the stronger the armor is as well as how strong their passives are and how many potential slots they can have, in the article, I'll only be talking about the first three tiers and the basics about them but before we get into that I'll have to explain the basic of armor and how they work, so all armor is split into three groups notable mage, warrior and rogue each of these classes will sacrifice defence in exchange for an increase in another category, for example, the rouge gear has an increase in agility and luck in exchange for a drop-in defence this also go for the mage gear as it takes a hit to defense in exchange for a boost in magic damage, lastly armor in these class well also receive a passive based on its class these buffs are universal and affect all armor in its class, rouges get an increase to critical chance/Damage, mages get an increase to mana regen, and warriors gain a small amount of health regen, now that thats out of the way lets move onto the tiers. . .

So where better to start than tier one, the first tier just like any other RPG you probably guessed it that's right its leather armor.

Armor 1

Nothing special really, it's cheap, easy to obtain and but it does get the job better than being naked right?

Next we have tier two and this probably isn't going to surprise anyone but at tier two we have Iron armor


Just like leather nothing special but it is quite a bit stronger than its leather counterpart and can actually be obtained before you get leather armor if you're willing to risk the mining expedition into the wilderness than you can quickly obtain this workhorse of an armor set.

This is where we finally get into the good stuff the armor sets that actually aren't only different but also provide quite a challenge to obtain and their the only tier three, Introducing Corpus, Aquarious, Living Metal, and Eldritch.

ezgif 3 d2221de34085

So what makes these sets so special? well not only are they obtained in strange and unique ways making them quite the challenge for inexperienced players their bonuses make them well worth the challenge Aquarious armor makes you immune to all negative effects brought on by rain or being underwater, Corpus grants massive buffs when exploring during the dead of night, Living metal adapts to your surroundings granting increased resistances based on where you are in the world. Lastly Eldritch well I can't spoil everything now can I sometimes it's best to leave somethings up to the imagination. . .

Don't forget that not only can we mix and match these helmets but we can also dye them one of eight colors as well as completely customize their stats and give them a unique name to make them feel entirely unique open up unlimited possibilities and this is just the ARMOR!!!

Unique armor

As you read this there are countless portals spawning over the world of Zentia opening-up dungeons full of powerful monsters, I'm sure clearly them will result in some pretty unique armor sets such as the Mushroom Champion and the Slime Slayer. . .


By the time you close all the portals, you'll be powerful enough to tear down the very pillars of reality and challenge the very gods themself and if you succeed in the absolute destruction of the deities that once ruled over Zentia much sure you take there armor as a trophy. . .God Slayer

Unique armor works a bit different as it can't simply upgrade like any other armor set, Dungeon gear would be easy, dungeons come in many different shapes and sizes with different variations meaning the stronger the dungeon the stronger the loot, But armor forged for the very gods that once ruled the world maybe a little harder to refine as one can't refine perfection, but I wouldn't worry the god slayers story doesn't simple end once the antagonist is slain. . .


Thanks for reading I know it might be a bit much and a lot of it might not interest you but it is one of those things that has to be explained just to make things easier in the long run.

Make sure you follow the project to get all updates as they're released, the next update is planned for Thursday so make sure you stay tuned for that. . .

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Looks really nice! Congratulations!

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