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Post news RSS A.R.M Development Process and new Demo version for the Steam Game Festival

Here is the integration of the all dev log! meet the ARM development process from start to now! And from June 16th to 22th, you can play a new demo version of ARM on the Steam Game Festival!

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A.R.M - Absolutely Reliable Machine - is a simple 2D action game focused on Battle without moving. Enjoy a thrilling and tactical battle with simple action!
Take inevitable competition against fearful monsters that want to destroy our world!

During developing A.R.M, I kept upload dev log on twitter. and this is the integration of the dev log! meet the ARM development process from start to now!

watching with sound is much better! : )

After releasing the first demo version, I could get various feedback and I plan to release the newest demo on the Steam Game Festival!

New Features-

- Improved Effects

Camera Shaking, zoom in and Slow motion already enabled in the previous version.

But that effects were so weak and limited.

Because the battle of ARM continued with a fixed position, these kinds of effects are a very important factor to make game dynamic and lively.

In the new demo version, effects are used more dramatically.

- Keyboard Input

ARM is started from 2-buttons-jam and its 2 buttons were mouse click.

Mouse input is a funny and interesting but unfamiliar and hard control system.

Because there was no reason to insist on mouse control only, so I add keyboard input.

Currently, keyboard input only enables on the battle and the main menu. but I plan to make keyboard input that can completely replace mouse input.

And also have a plan to add gamepad control!

- New POWER System

A.R.M is a game that focuses on battle except for movement.

There are three cores about the battle.

  • perceive the monster's actions and make a proper defensive move.
  • choose the most effective attack on the current situation.
  • How much POWER will be allocated to the above actions?

Update about the New Power system will make this last item more interesting.

The previous POWER system was very simple. If above 0, the player can do any move and below 0, cannot do anything.

Even current POWER is only 0.1, the player can do a move that needs more than 3 POWER, but if then POWER becomes -value, so he needs to stand defenselessly much longer.

This system was created from the game jam version and this was a function that made a player think about taking risks from limited POWER and taking more action or storing POWER for the next action.

But there were some problems.

First, the risk of POWER below 0 was not a big risk. POWER consume by one action is normally very small amounts and soon it recovers and the player could act another action.

Many players didn’t consider POWER and They spent all power and did next move whenever it recovers from 0.

And this was a natural move to knock down the terrifying monster in front of players. But not my intention.

To resolve this problem, I’ve set two subjects.

Focus on POWER: I need to make the player consider POWER more.

Improved Risk and Return: Using POWER to the limit needs more risk and return.

As a result, I made New Power System- POWER LOW alarm and Reignition mode.

Now, POWER LOW UI appears Whenever Power becomes lower than certain points.

with this system, players can know low POWER much easier.

And when POWER below 0, ARM turn to Reignition mode. Reignition mode makes the player can’t do anything until POWER recover to a certain point.

Because of this, players need to think of keeping their POWER more than 0 to avoid Reignition mode.

And as a reward against this risk, More POWER regeneration on low POWER is added.

Now the player can choose between high POWER regeneration with risk or stable rich POWER with low regeneration.

by the way, isn’t it unfair this system only applies to the player?

Now Monsters also turn to Reignition mode after does some amounts of moves.

This will be great timing to attack without risk of counterattack.

Surely, beware not turn to Reignition mode because of focusing on the attack!

- Difficulty system

The new POWER system is interesting but this also makes the game much harder.

I add the easy mode that gives the advantage to POWER regeneration and some others.

Currently, only two difficulties exist, but I plan to make three difficulties. And surely the last difficulty will be very horrible!

- New character

This is WIP! But I release slightly. He will use totally new combat style compare to the standard character.

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