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New update with tons of updates, such as tweaked enemy AI and movement speeds, improved visual fx and fixed Steam achievements.

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Hello, soldiers!

Today we have a patch which features lots of gameplay and quality of life improvements. Ben Hull of Alien Seed Games has worked hard with the programming side, and we've been listening to player feedback. Here is the fixlist:

  • Changed player speed, both running and walking

  • Re-done player leg sprites, spent time re-doing legs so that it looks good in every frame and from every direction

  • Added new Z ordering loop for AI graphics, still work in progress and to be improved in upcoming versions

  • Lots of small tweaks into the menu graphics

  • Added a new main menu background

  • The game now spawns two large mobs per one wave

  • Changed bullet speeds from the original

  • Added new bullet trail effects

  • Changed enemy running speeds to be more challenging

  • Tweaked the ammo counter UI, bringing more clarity into it

  • Made player turning instant for more direct control

  • Reduced AI jittering and shaking, they now also turn slower

  • Fixed item pickup icons

  • Added hi-score uploading after each wave is completed

  • No pickups and powerups achievement now fixed

  • Cursor now rotates with the move of the mouse

And in addition to these, we've done tons of small tweaks all over! Go give the game a spin, and see for yourself!

We have lots of new features planned for the game, and we will be adding them in the coming weeks to keep the game alive. Our goal is to support our games after launch and keep on adding fun into them.

-Harri J.

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