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Alpha2A is on its way to backers and finally everyone is going to get their first taste of Arakion! Years of sleepless nights, 14 hour work days and zero social life means a demo is coming soon to your doorstep!

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Hey Everyone!

Arakion has changed, bunches, and in great ways! There is no mechanism to list all the changes that have went into the game as documentation has been done with Wunderlist and it is not shareable en masse, so let's go over some highlights!

So what is in Alpha2A?

  • Chapter One: An Unknown World: The crown jewel of 2A, this 3-6 hour romp will begin you on your journey. I recommend playing on the Adventurer difficulty for new players. This will allow you to learn the game and get used to the mechanics before the next release. While there are still some things to finalize it is in an extremely fun state that myself and testers have played through dozens of times. Can you find all the secrets? As with any open ended game you can make it as long or as short as you would like. Technically speaking you can run to the ending right of the bat... although I'm pretty sure you'd get murdered... but maybe not!
  • New Main Menu: Character creation has been entirely overhauled, while it's still in an Alpha state it is very much improved!
  • New Skills: Ethermage and Brewmaster got a pretty heavy overhaul on their skills. Check their tooltips in game for more information.
  • A lot less bugs! This one was a doozy. Since ancient code was mixed in with much better code there was a lot of cleaning up that needed to be done. Although with that in mind...There will be bugs!
  • Progressive saves! Now you 'should' be able to play a game without worrying about having to restart on each update.This will be really handy especially when the town is added. I don't technically have control over this, it is Andrew's area, which means he'll get upset if I use definitives, so we're going with 'should'

After the release of 2A, There will likely be a hotfix incoming. This will address the inevitable graphical issues people are going to have on hardware I don't have around to test on.

So what's next?

  • Town: This was intended to be in 2A, but when the game development was restructured I pushed the town back to 2B. It is in a releasable state now, however it will be a lot more enjoyable releasing in 2B!
  • Tower of Infinity: The juicy random dungeons are close
  • Armor: In the process of being overhauled.
  • Skill customization: Not a whole lot of reason to release it in 2A, just a choice to focus on it during 2B cycle
  • Chapter Two: The Frozen Heavens - This zone... so much fun.... so very very fun.... Enjoy dying.
  • Open World - The start of the open world post-town.

"You're the developer, you always win ! :)", God, 0001 AC

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Lavid Author

Right? That's how it's supposed to be! All in good fun though, I love testing Arakion and my heroes dying is just part of that.

After dying you are sent back to the rest zone, given a 'You died' trait and minor enemies respawn. So no harm no foul.

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The game looks great my friend. Love it !

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