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We decided to shift the whole project towards another direction. OpenRA is all about retro gaming and we tend to forget that from time to time.

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We dropped support for all currently supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X in favor of MS-DOS 6.22. Everyone having exotic operating systems or 64-bit processors is encouraged to use an emulator or just downgrade their hardware. You don't need OpenGL capable drivers anymore. It turned out that DirectX 2.0 is sufficient for all our needs. You can find the right DLLs somewhere on the internet. Network play now takes place via null-modem cables and can host games up to 2 players. COM 4 at a BAUD Rate of 115200 is recommended. Instead of using C# we converted the whole source code to BASIC. All .NET LINQ constructs have been replaced with GOTO and line numbers for better readability. Also please make sure your screen is capable of displaying 320x200 pixels and 256 colors.


  • Changed Armor and firepower of all allied units has been greatly reduced.
  • Changed Map size is now limited to 64x64 to not stress the path-finder that much.
  • Changed Harvesters will not try to avoid enemy territory anymore and shortcut to the nearest ore/tiberium directly.
  • Removed the Dune 2000 mod. We might try to bring back Dune II once the mouse lasso issue is resolved.
  • Removed right-click mouse orders to support one-button mouses.
  • Added countries to RA. Warning: England and France are handicapped and should only be used by skilled players.
  • Removed building queues and rally points.
  • Changed Tech tree is now not updated when selling buildings so you don't need to keep the repair bay and tech-center anymore.
  • Added Infantry can now walk on water if you try to load them into the transporter while sending it back to the sea if you get the timing right.
  • Added Infantry can now be placed onto cliffs if you sell the structure next to it and they move from the deconstructed building towards it.
  • Added enhanced sub detection. Just move your mouse pointer over the water and if you get a "can't move here" it is probably a submarine.
  • Changed You can now base walk with silos and sand bags again.
  • Added remote naval repair. Send a ship to the naval yard for repair and attack move it somewhere else to activate.
  • Removed the need to store ore/tiberium. Simply start production and cancel it immediately to get a cash refund.
  • Added long range grenadiers/rocket soldiers that can fire for unlimited range when changing targets during force fire (takes practice).
  • Changed To build a new aircraft you need to start a new airfield (you can still cancel the building again).
  • Changed tabbed build palette to vertical sidescroll bars and removed all hotkeys.
  • Added speedup for slow units when grouped together with faster units (please don't exploit this in multi-player).
  • Removed all fuzzy logic algorithms from AI and allow the hard bots to cheat.
  • Removed bounties for kills and unit ranks as well as fog of war.
  • Removed all engine effects that can't be found in RA.exe (tank husks, aircraft trails, ...)
  • Removed the YAML game logic parser and replaced it with simple INI rules.
  • Removed spectator mode (just surrender to watch the others) and replays (try using your mobile phone cameras)
  • Added forced random spawn points scattered all over the maps to add more surprise to skirmishes.

Hope you did not fell for it. We wish everyone a happy 1st april. Thanks to Red Alert Archive for their extensive list of legacy bugs we promise will never get implemented. :)

PetrenkaPie - - 1,039 comments

Happy April to you, too! :3
cheating ai would be nice to have harder enemies, though <.<
keep on rocking!

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kubli - - 1,936 comments

would be cool to see those sexy bits in the screenshot though :)

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Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

Oh my God...I almost forgot it's April Fools...XD

My jaw was dropping than I looked at the date.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

I really wish you guys /would/ do Rules.ini/etc, so much easier.

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Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Yes, that is the trade-off for nesting. Maybe Github.com can help to make this user-friendlier.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

haha for a sec i fell for it :P until the bit about 2 player lan battles :S still im annoyed because since i got a 64bit computer this game wont work :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ApornasPlanet - - 4,126 comments

yeah aprils fools! you got me there for a sec

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BioDestroyer - - 2,860 comments

I came to ModDB prepared, I'm not being fooled today. xD

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