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APOCALYPTICA is a new modern third person survival game where You become as Citizen-Z to fight against a hordes of mighty, clever and sly zombies using many standard and very unusual weapons (e.g flame thrower with Scorpion like attracting chains) and of course trouble maker different mad bosses! It will be available for as many platforms as possible! Right now We are need You personal support to give birth for Our very first but ambitious project!

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  • Chapter one - is a story of a soldier, Gordon, unknown disease survivor, who is in search for his family and ready to meet any danger on his path...
  • We plan release 5 chapters each for a diferent characters and one chapter for a two brothers. Also we try to release this game in as many platforms as we can.
  • For now We have done the main engine and logic of the game as many in game art but stuc in many little problems as good music, sound effects, UI design, shaders programming and lot of this kind a production things. So We decide to expand Our team and we need You help.

If You like the game, please support our compaign!

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