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APEXICON continues to grow with a new feature to be added alongside the main storyline!

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The Fantastical Twenty-Six
Hidden around the world, twenty-six architects, masters of magic, warriors, and various other individuals live, honing their specific craft based on their individual letter. Passed down through the ages, these masters of their craft used to live in the glorious city of Elysia.

During the game, your character may become in possession of an ancient land that you can build up services from these various Twenty-Six. If you can find them, battle them, and engage them in treatises, you can employ them in your own space, further aiding your efforts in finding the Apexicon!

  • Find hidden fights and meetings of twenty-six unique individuals
  • Win challenges from them to have them join your unique town!
  • Find as many as you can - Hardworking adventurers will be able to snag all the letters of the alphabet!

I was thinking this would be an awesome side-quest in the main story of the game, and allow a player a "place" to get items, craft, and other various things. What do you guys think?

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