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Bugfixes and Improvements to the APEXICON demo! Check out the boss fight!

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It's that time again

Yep, we got a new version of the demo for you!


Here you go, the second demo, with some changes and the boss battle unlocked!



  • E's will show up much more often now. As well as Q's, U's, W's, X's, Y's, and Z's will be much more rare.
  • The Eraser will hit for 3 damage normally, 5 damage when he enrages, and his enrage starts at 10 life not 15.
  • You also overall deal 2 more damage to him as well.


  • The How-To-Play screen is more user friendly.
  • Pressing No when you don't want to exit works on Character Creation Screen and World Map respectively.
  • If you press the "Continue" button on the Character Creation screen without selecting "OK" on all your options, it will give you an error now.
  • The Abin fight will be unlocked from the start considering how difficult it was to get to it. Once you complete the Literati Eraser, you will go to the next screen where the full word sequence will be in the suggestion bar.


  • Highlights have been added to the tiles when you mouseover. Other buttons have highlights added as well.

Windows Version (ZIP) - Docs.google.comMac Version (RAR)- Docs.google.com

Enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated!

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