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Thank god I haven't made any claims about release dates or anything...

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It's been a while. I figured I might as well put something up to let people know that this now-mod is still active. Ah yes, the word active.
I use the word "active" lightly, and with a hopeful tear in my anime-sized, bubbly eye, as development is as active as a sloth, tiresomely making it's way towards the summit of Everest. But there is reason for this, the past few months have been spent collecting money, buying some new materials (including a nice, totally brand-new [refurbished] Nikon D3200), and more importantly searching for a new job, taking care of family business and etc, basically, just swamped with real, non-video game related life.

But, I'm not giving up on the mod. And neither should YOU. Eventually, I will start seriously recruiting help (no, seriously), though it's still a bit early. <---note to self, I guess.

Hope you enjoyed this lifeless, bland, near meaningless update. Leave comments, they make me feel nice.

RoboTyphoon - - 660 comments

To... feeling nice~!;P

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