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Got some character animations put in and got a basic attack working. Also have a very basic AI actor.

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Hey everyone!

Made some good progress on the game and wanted to share what was added! We got character animations and 2 attack animations. We still need to work on a combo system/more attacks but the attacks in currently are a heavy strike and a kick! You can't take damage just yet, but the system is built just needs to be implemented.

Physics still need to be tweaked on all the enemies, as everyone goes flying even from just the kick. Though it is satisfying to have them all go flying out the way! The enemies are set to one hit kill for testing purposes currently. Upon death they drop their swords and it all interacts with physics! They will only come after you if you enter their line of sight, though they dont remember you even exist if you happen to break sight by even just going behind them.

Next thing to properly get in is the player health so there is a complete gameplay loop. Progress is going good and I appreciate anyone that is following along or happen to come across this post!

Feel free to interact with us and discuss ideas and suggestions about the game! You can join the discord here: Discord.gg

Until next time,


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