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Post news RSS An Overview of the Campaign Mode in The Riftbreaker

A summary of early design goals for the campaign mode in our upcoming title, The Riftbreaker.

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Over the past year, we showed you quite a lot of footage from our early builds of The Riftbreaker. We wrote dozens of articles describing the game mechanics and the creative process behind some of the game elements. Numerous streams took place, hosted by us and by our friendly streamers from all over the world, showing you the core gameplay loop of the Survival Mode. However, The Riftbreaker is not going to be limited to Survival only. Story Campaign will be a substantial part of the game. Today we would like to share a bit more information about The Riftbreaker's campaign. The main story revolves around Ashley and Mr. Riggs on Galatea 37. During their mission, they will have to establish a field base and open a two-way portal back to Earth for the purposes of colonizing the planet. Mind you, everything you read beyond this point is an initial vision and subject to change during development. You have been warned :)

In the Story Campaign players are going to establish a main base that they will have to maintain and keep expanding throughout the game. It will serve as the main hub for research and defense. The discoveries you make over the course of the campaign will enable you to build new structures and upgrade the existing ones to better withstand the hazards of Galatea 37. After some time, it will become possible for you to scan distant areas for objects of interest and travel there. You never know what you might find! Exploration of areas further from your main base will be encouraged by resource distribution. You will not be able to obtain all the necessary materials in the starting area alone, so ready your map and compass for a tour of Galatea 37! While exploring the various biomes you will find unique resources and minerals needed to get one step further towards establishing a permanent colony.

Galatea 37 is not the most welcoming place. The wildlife and environmental hazards won’t make the job of resource collection any easier for you. You can’t expect to simply mine the ingredients for your next big invention in peace. In order to succeed, you will have to build outposts. Similarly to your main base, outposts will require you to create and maintain energy infrastructure, build factories, refineries and storage buildings. The main purpose of establishing outposts is to protect your precious mining equipment while it’s working on gathering all the rare minerals you can find. Once you build enough defenses you can leave the outpost running on its own and simply come back to collect the cargo periodically. Ideally, towards the end of the campaign, you will have many bases in all corners of the planet working around the clock.

Many elements of the Story Campaign Mode will be randomized. The maps will be generated automatically and the mission objectives will change. You will never know for sure what happens next, which does not mean the gameplay will be unpredictable. It will be possible to complete the Story in a couple of different ways and you will be able to plan ahead for your endgame. That being said, we hope the randomization and the element of surprise will give the game a lot of replayability. We expect the pace of gameplay to be different as well. While in Survival Mode downloading new blueprints is a matter of minutes, it does not have to be the same way in Campaign. Researching new technologies might take longer, as well as require you to find some additional resources on (or beneath!) the surface of Galatea 37.

That’s it for now. We will reveal more details about the Campaign Mode as we design and develop it. As always we await your ideas and feedback on our Discord server - www.discord.gg/exorstudios. Visit us there and sign up for the closed alpha - the applications are still open.

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