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An update to what is happening behind the scenes of the ABW team.

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Hey everyone, IMakeMods again!

This is just a quick update on what is going on with 0.0.9 and general life of the team.


First off, we are expanding the air force tree and the industrial tree to fight the early 1900 timeline. Second, once this is done, we will be expanding on the naval and small arms trees and maybe adding in some artillery but I will not make any promises.

There will be new equipment updated as well as the air fields will be locked from building until you research a specific tech!


Leaders will finally be added to the 1900 start! No more spending points on level one generals, these guys will be tuned as closely as we can to the real deal. We'll be starting with the major powers and working our way across the world region by region.


While new bookmarks are planned, none will be coming out this update. Why? Some of the planned bookmarks go well into the 21st century and going that far ahead this soon would overwhelm everyone. Plus, the starting GUI where you pick the bookmark/starting point needs to be updated to handle more bookmarks - maybe a sorter for each era.


National focuses will definitely be a thing this update! Evanw1245 is working hard with Lucasebling on the focuses and they have a few of the major nations close to completion. Once this is done, we will implement them. This update will definitely see new national focuses and something new: each "generic" tree (until we have the ability to dedicate resources to research and development of these trees) is based on a specific region. So, for example, Latin American countries have a generic Latin American focus tree while minor Europeans have a European generic tree.


There will be some new events coming in other than the Panamanian succession now! The Boxer Rebellion and the First Balkan War has been planned. More events are to come but these are the biggest events (by length of code and impact on the world).


There will be a bit of an overhaul to the map and some new national spirits. The area that will receive the most noteworthy changes are the United States New England mega state. We will be trying to add the states in this area as individual states as to lessen the impact of a naval invasion through Canada into the northeast. West Virginia will also exist in this update.


Alright, while I have given you some hopeful news, I may just crush it. As of now, some of the modding team either has work or is going to school. I will be moving this week to my college state and preparing for that. As such, updates will come more slowly but we won't forget you. We will give you some updates on the progress of the mod. It shouldn't take as long as the v0.0.8 update to code because everything in this mod has been done in earlier versions so it will not take as long. Technology was the pain in this respect.

We are also planning a multiplayer event in the future (when the mod is more playable/balanced) so stay tuned!

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