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Future notes and plans for what is going on in the near future.

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So V0.0.7 was released to Steam and 0.0.72 was released here. The issue will be resolved Monday with 0.0.75 being released both here and on the future. What does 0.0.75 entail? Some of the stuff seen here in 0.0.72 will be included in it (duh) as well as the removal of all air fields and either the complete removal or a reduction in defensive entrenchments.


After 0.0.75 is released Monday, I will be trying to implement the tech tree starting with the army and navy. The army tech tree is looking something like this:

Infantry Weapons Tech Tree 16000-1918

The navy will probably be something similar but add on ship "theories" or "Designs" so you don't just randomly unlock battleships or something. This will hopefully allow people to start using navies again but it'll take time to fully implement all the naval technology we want to add.

I'll also be adding in some more events for the early game and start planning national ideas.

You may also want to check the poll here: Moddb.com.

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