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Post news RSS Alpha testing begins today for Blight, a brutally challenging and realistic survival game

Alpha testing has officially begun with the release of the v0.3.0 update of Blight, a brutally challenging and realistic survival game.

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Alpha update v0.3.0 has been released! Given the large changes with save file format, old v0.2.x save games are not compatible with this update.

The Blight Playtest on Steam is now live. Hit the "Request Access" button on the store page: Store.steampowered.com

It will be rolling out a few people at a time. Be on the lookout for an email from Steam about getting access. Once you do, you'll be able to download and launch "Blight Playtest" in Steam.

A lot of focus was put on making the experience as smooth as possible for new players. A new hinting system was added to go through the most important controls at the start, as well as a multitude of new UX improvements all over.

All changes:

  • new better-looking font in all UI
  • added simple loading screen pre-menu and when generating/loading worlds
  • much more performant object label displaying system
  • cleaner and more intuitive fire pit UI - dragging items anywhere on the window will auto place in the right slot, etc
  • new sound for cooking/boiling things on fire pit
  • fix bug relating to loading a game with a cooking fire pit, causing input ingredients to not be properly consumed in some cases
  • show interactable currently equipped item on HUD next to stat bars
  • re-adjust volumes of things
  • ability to drag items from UI into world objects if the item is accepted (for ex. drag log out of inventory UI, press ESC to close inventory, and then stop dragging on top of fire pit)
  • when dragging items, dim any slots in any open windows that the item can't go in
  • new cursor images for a few interactions
  • fix 'load last save' causing the loaded game to be paused and appear frozen with a green background
  • completely new and much nicer looking right-click item menu UI
  • new camera rotation ability, panning bounds changes based on zoom level
  • new hinting system to help new players with all the controls at the start
  • adjust time scale at the start of the game during tutorial and certain tasks to make it easier to get a handle on things before the day ends too quickly
  • fix strange player rotation in certain cases when chopping felled trees
  • entirely rework world saving system to be much faster and create much smaller save files
  • rework quick action menu to look a bit nicer, with more options relating to inventory items
  • new rabbit model
  • new controls settings screen
  • new gameplay settings screen
  • new shadow quality graphics setting option
  • torch now shows remaining fuel in tooltip, new ability to extinguish torch manually
  • add steamworks sdk - currently only one stat tracked: player death - will be more stats and achievements later on
  • add intestines harvestable item, sausage casings, raw sausage and cooked sausage
  • new catchup time system for chunks that haven't been visited in a while so the world is much more consistent
  • new generatable cabin variation, updates to spawnable items in cabins
  • trees shake briefly when chopped, have a chance of dropping sticks and twigs on each chop
  • big rework of creature UI, rabbits now avoid multiple treats at the same time while running away, as well as the lake much better than before
  • hostile creatures have a chance of attempting to flee when low on health
  • low tool condition now affects their effectiveness
  • add new rust system for iron/steel tools that happens as they dry after the rain
  • fire burning out now wakes up the player automatically in certain conditions
  • many new sounds
  • a few new animations for various interactions
  • various other small bugfixes

This is cool!

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