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PROXY rapidly approaches it's alpha stage, as well as the Alpha funding which Desura has graciously allowed to happen. Many thanks to the Desura team for this opportunity! Things will be moving rapidly from this point on in the future of PROXY.

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PROXY Alpha is an exciting time for both the Pixel Abuse team and for you, the potential player. We hope you take the time to create a Desura profile and either give us a follow (Watch) or purchase the game to help fund its further development. Pixel Abuse may be a start up, but we are dedicated to making the best gaming experience possible for any players who come along.

As PROXY enters its Alpha Funding stage on Tuesday, development on the main core of ideals behind the game are rapidly being laid down. Soon after the game opens here on Desura, an update which anyone who buys the game will be entitled to get (including all future editions and versions of PROXY).

It may be confusing to understand what exactly PROXY is about and I hope I can explain what the vision is here in the shortest amount of words that will convey understanding to everyone.

Thematically PROXY is about a choice, and control. All characters in the game, including the player are in the middle of making choices about how they will proceed when things come to a head in the final parts of the overall story.

Story wise, PROXY is about a bleak future where millions of people have died as a result of mismanaged resources and greed. Those who remain pin their hopes on a new system of robotic controlled facilities to dole out resources evenly among the populace. However, as would have it something has caused all these artificially intelligent robots to go rogue. You are a pilot, a mercenary, who is put on task to disable the facilities in order to reclaim humanity's last remaining hopes of recouping major resource pools.

Game play involves working your drone through randomly generated facilities to face interesting antagonist rogue artificial intelligence's, each with their own wants, needs and methods of dealing with you. You must build up the technological power of your PROXY drone in order to face each new boss you unlock. Eventually, as you face down more and more maniacal intelligence's and their robotic shells, you will uncover the true nature and power behind the cybernetic rebellion.

Along with all of this, as a player you will also be seeking out collectible power-ups, PROXY part upgrades, secret data files. There are achievements to get, and not just for the sake of getting achievements but rather items that will be useful inside the game itself.

We hope you will enjoy PROXY. While the current version may look primitive, it is the gateway to a very bright game in the near future. We sincerely hope you invest in us and help us move forward with the project!

-Pixel Abuse, PROXY Team
-Gary, "Citizen Grim" Blauvelt

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