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This version brings sky carriers and a tutorial, along with a number of fixes and tweaks. Changelog in the details!

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Ever since I released Alpha 10, I've noticed that the game is harder to understand than I expected. I always knew I'd eventually make a tutorial, so I've finally gotten around to it. I'll figure out its full efficacy once I show it in person to someone other than my wife, in the meantime all of you guys get to try it out!

I also noticed that players would always fly very low, dangerously low, and never really try to gain altitude merely for safety's sake, as any experienced flight sim junkie would do. Most arcade flight sims like HAWX or Ace Combat alleviate this by starting you off in the air, which didn't really work with launching from a carrier. So, rather than removing the carrier, I just moved them up into the sky! Having enemy carriers in the sky also gives you a lot more things to do up above the clouds, and in my opinion makes the battlefield feel a bit more "full" than it used to.


  • Sky Carriers! Aircraft carriers are now airborne, 'cause it's fun and looks cool.
  • Flight School! The game now teaches you how to play it, no need to crack open the readme file.
  • A few enemy aeros are now patrolling the skies. Formerly, the only aeros you would encounter would be launched from aerodromes or carriers.
  • Your progress is saved every time you complete an island. This means if you quit the game, you'll have all your progress since starting the current island.
  • Range calculation is more accurate, rocket and gun ranges are now shorter, as was intended.
  • The LRSAM has been nerfed to do half damage and have only slightly higher range than a SAM. This means it's less likely you'll get missile warnings and have no idea who's shooting at you.
  • Fighter stats were rebalanced a bit. All fighters have slower dive rates, which means you'll go a little slower while diving and therefore lose less altitude.
  • Ramming into things now causes damage to them..... but it's not recommended. :)
  • Mac Players: You will probably still have problems using gamepads. I am looking into a permanent solution, but it requires me to rewrite all of my input code to use the InControl library. This is a primary goal of Alpha 14.

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I found an error.

The game is now unplayable for me (I even got Alpha 14 from the site, still won't work), for the start buttons won't function at the start. I have no idea why this happens. :/

I can't report anything else.

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Nevermind, the binding's just abit wierd. (My setup makes me use X to start :/)

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