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Post news RSS Alpha 12 Released: The Place No One Lives to Tell About

Oops, it's another biggest release ever :P. A new map, installable traps, meltdowns, sneak attacks, rebalanced utilities, damage overflow... and as usual lots more QoL!

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Alpha 12 is here! This update is much broader in scope than what we've seen before, hence the ridiculously long changelog. As usual there's new content, but alongside it we have a lot of new UI features, a range of balance tweaks, and a rather large number of new mechanics for so late in alpha (it feels like I could develop Cogmind forever, but did I mention we are now in "late alpha"? :P).

Thermal heat transfer, trap installation, damage overflow, melee sneak attacks, and more...

A sampling of some of the new features included in Alpha 12 (the non-spoiler stuff :D):

Manual hacking autocompletion!

Direct keyboard access to query references! (only keyboard players see this feature)

New option to auto-ready a launcher for solo fire when attached.

Force trigger a known trap via '>' or clicking on self while standing on it.

Use this to reprogram and remove hostile traps from the ground, then reinstall them elsewhere.

(Examples: disarming a grunt with a Blade Trap; planting an explosive conveniently between some

reactors to take out a pursuing squad; toying with a garrison by planting EMPs right outside their door)

Traps are actual items now.

Some power sources can now be overloaded for extra output (all Cld.-prefixed).

Any part can be inserted in a Scanalyzer to identify it--

those without schematics are listed in yellow alongside other insertable items.

Terminals now report the requirements for a desired schematic if unavailable locally.

Obstacles to line of fire are highlighted much more brightly, with a glow effect.

Allies always prioritize reaching your position if you're at an exit,

here seen rallying to defend the stairs while more allies catch up.

Alt-free modal inventory management for pure keyboard players (mode indicator at top of parts list.

Scan Processors were removed from the game, and full robot info is

available for all robots just by examining them.

Visualization modes and inventory sorting are now labeled right there when switching modes.

The eighth and final part data visualization mode, vulnerability, showing [coverage/integrity] to suggest which parts will be the first to be lost when under attack (comparison with some other modes)

New Heat Transfer stat. Time to melt some bots.

Dangerously overheating bots glow red for a moment, indicating they're ripe for melting.

Cooking robots might have some negative consequences.

The Scan window includes a new heat level indicator when in tactical HUD mode.

Subtly different death animation for critical meltdowns.

System corruption deaths also have a slight add-on to their animation (this one's much harder to spot :P)

Panning the map view via mouse or shifting it with the keyboard

automatically lights up and colors the areas outside FOV.

Melee sneak attacks!

Core Heat Shields now increase heat threshold before negative side effects,

with their own indicator on the HUD.

Borderless fullscreen ("windowed fullscreen") is now an option.

See here for the full release notes with plenty more details!

The full Alpha 12 (0.10.161122) changelog:

  • NEW: Branch map "Command"
  • NEW: 2 more plot-related NPC encounters
  • NEW: 1 major new NPC (unique robot class)
  • NEW: 1 new prototype robot variant
  • NEW: 1 new common robot class (3 variants)
  • NEW: 37 new items (total = 768)
  • NEW: Several more machines
  • NEW: 1 more cave encounter
  • NEW: 25 more score sheet entries (total = 492)
  • NEW: Borderless fullscreen mode (see options menu)
  • NEW: Option to automatically deactivate all other weapons when attaching/swapping in a launcher (cogmind.cfg only: see autoReadyLauncher)
  • NEW: Core Heat Shields raise threshold at which overheat effects occur
  • NEW: HUD temperature readout shows modified overheating threshold if currently above regular threshold with an active Core Heat Shield
  • NEW: Recalibrator effect replaced with new ability to restore functionality to broken parts, including prototypes
  • NEW: Manual hacking now includes autocompletion feature (press Spacebar or Tab to accept current match, or up/down to cycle through all matches)
  • NEW: Indirect hacking of lore topics through references now possible via number keys (keyboard mode only)
  • NEW: Previously undiscovered lore topics marked in query results using '!' (as also seen in hacking target list)
  • NEW: Score sheet records borderless fullscreen setting in meta data ("2")
  • NEW: Damage overflow mechanic (see manual)
  • NEW: Expanded manual intro with "Using this Manual" section
  • NEW: Manual explicitly states that successful hacks can increase alert level
  • NEW: Trap extraction and reuse mechanic
  • NEW: Use '>' on top of a trap to force it to trigger (LMB for mouse users)
  • NEW: Some power sources can be overloaded to double their energy output (and heat)
  • NEW: Less common combat-oriented hover propulsion ("Cmb.") with higher integrity and support, but slower
  • NEW: Super fast experimental flight propulsion with relatively low support (rare)
  • NEW: Non-scanalyzable parts can still be inserted into scanalyzer to identify them (anything!), with specific messages for why schematic impossible
  • NEW: Manual part/robot Schematic()/Analysis() hacks report required depth and security level if target unavailable at current terminal
  • NEW: Evolution interface accepts numpad Enter for confirmation as well
  • NEW: More possible side effects of system corruption: Matter Fused, Heat Flow Error, Energy Discharge
  • NEW: Allied followers prioritize gathering around an exit if Cogmind is adjacent to one, even if under attack
  • NEW: Option to block propulsion auto-activation if already have different form active (cogmind.cfg only: see disableSecondPropulsionAutoactivate)
  • NEW: Wait commands blocked for 1 second on spotting a new enemy (can safely hold/repeat wait) (adjust duration in cfg: pauseWaitDurationForEnemies)
  • NEW: System Backup Modules and related utilities report to the message log on taking effect
  • NEW: While part swap mode active, indicator now shows at top of parts list as well
  • NEW: Alt-free modal inventory management! ('d' to enter drop mode, followed by a~z or 1~0; compatible with ',' direct dropping) (keyboard mode only)
  • NEW: Temporary descriptive indicator appears when sorting inventory or changing part visualization mode
  • NEW: "World map updated" log messages now indicate precisely what was added/learned
  • NEW: All robot info always available (Scan Processors removed from game)
  • NEW: Part/inventory data visualization now includes eighth mode: "relative vulnerability" (toggle via coverage 'c' command/button)
  • NEW: Thermal projectiles/explosions have a "Heat Transfer" stat that determines how much an impact raises target heat (decoupled from damage)
  • NEW: AI robots have some unique overheating side effects, and they'll occur more frequently
  • NEW: Meltdowns are more easily triggered
  • NEW: Combat robots glow red for a moment when seriously overheating (and are therefore prone to meltdowns)
  • NEW: Otherwise salvageable parts may melt on robot death due to heat level at the time
  • NEW: Unique animations for robot death to meltdowns and system corruption
  • NEW: Scan window also shows robot temperature indicator in a separate block below integrity (tactical HUD mode only)
  • NEW: Known map outside FOV auto-reveals regular colors when view not centered on Cogmind (e.g. mouse panning or kb-based map shifting)
  • NEW: Melee attacks against unaware targets are "sneak attacks," almost certain to hit and inflict 50% more damage
  • NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 11 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
  • NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 11 added to the item collection gallery
  • MOD: HUD temperature readout doesn't glow even when hot, if within Core Heat Shielding-modified overheating threshold
  • MOD: Most AI robots tweaked to have near optimum heat efficiency, making them easier to forcefully overheat/meltdown
  • MOD: Windowed mode blocks fonts that create a game window slightly larger than the screen (for maximum font size use borderless fullscreen instead)
  • MOD: Upkeep removed from all Processor-type utilities
  • MOD: Exp. Optical Array effect dropped from 8 to 7
  • MOD: Component Analysis Suites converted from Processor to Device, have new art, and a mass of 1
  • MOD: Repair Stations take longer to repair broken (non-functional) parts
  • MOD: Repair Stations can repair broken (non-functional) prototypes
  • MOD: Integration Analyzer/Error Protection Suite/Quarantine Testbed removed from game
  • MOD: Integration Analyzer effect merged with Integration Mediators (in addition to latter's existing effect)
  • MOD: Heat Shielding effect increased from 50% to 75%
  • MOD: All Core Heat Shields always prevent power source overheating
  • MOD: Increased Core Heat Shield ratings and energy upkeep
  • MOD: Recalibrators no longer auto-activate, and require energy upkeep
  • MOD: Disposable cooling utilities take effect even if at the overheat threshold, where negative effects are technically still possible
  • MOD: All Maneuvering Thrusters' coverage dropped from 80 to 60, integrity approximately doubled
  • MOD: All Cloaking Devices' coverage dropped from 100 to 80, integrity slightly increased
  • MOD: Updated Integration Analyzer effect description, which still implied removing parts has an associated matter cost
  • MOD: Lowered all drone bay mass, to better serve their secondary purpose as armor
  • MOD: Increased Mini/Mapping Drone Bay coverage and integrity
  • MOD: Removed heat upkeep from all high-tier drone bays
  • MOD: Tactical Quantum Warhead damage increased, reduced variability
  • MOD: Destructive force of EM-triggered Light/Compact/Mini/Micro power source chain reactions upped to match non-light variants
  • MOD: Increased damage and reduced matter cost for Flak Guns/Cannons (projectile count unchanged)
  • MOD: Unknown manual hacking commands no longer added to command buffer
  • MOD: Manually succeeding at a Query() hack darkens any previous references to that topic in other entries from the same hacking session
  • MOD: Indirect hacking modifiers no longer apply to Trojans/brute force hacks (now much easier to succeed across all machine tiers)
  • MOD: Haulers escorted through Materials no longer also capable of calling in reinforcements
  • MOD: Operators can no longer be stationed at Recycling access terminal
  • MOD: Exiting a research branch garrison always advances to another area rather than having a chance to bring Cogmind back to the same one
  • MOD: Hauler Manifests containing matter now list the total amount in addition to the number of stacks
  • MOD: Weapon heat context help (and manual) explicitly mentions how heat is averaged over the volley turn duration
  • MOD: Lowered coverage of Electron Diverter and Imp. Diametric Drive to match other prototypes, and raised integrity and support of latter
  • MOD: Slight increase to mass support of Nuclear Pulse Array and Field Propulsion Array
  • MOD: Armored Leg increased to rating 5, support -2, heat +1
  • MOD: Increased rarity of all Launcher Guidance Computers
  • MOD: "AA AOE weapon" converted from explosive to thermal damage (trying to avoid spoilers here)
  • MOD: Shock Trap corruption effect now modified by EM resistance (especially meaningful for NPCs)
  • MOD: Blade/Segregator Traps no longer capable of affecting strip-immune victims (e.g. major NPCs)
  • MOD: Traps triggered on Complex 0b10 robots no longer affect alert level
  • MOD: Ally BUILD order removed
  • MOD: Flight-capable builds can jump over large allies, movement which was originally blocked because swapping was impossible
  • MOD: "Cooldown Period" stat removed from power sources, now use the same random range across entire item category
  • MOD: "Heat Stability" stat removed from power source info
  • MOD: Power Sources: Mni./Fusion Reactor -energy; F-Cell Engine -energy, +storage; Imp. Quantum Reactor -heat
  • MOD: Message log file output ignores pure fluff messages like Serf cleaning, Engineer building, etc.
  • MOD: Numerous hover/flight propulsion names and tiers shuffled to make way for new Cld-prefixed overloadables
  • MOD: Active heat upkeep of all Cld-prefixed hover and flight propulsion dropped to 0
  • MOD: Diametric Drives (and Imp. version) no longer overloadable, speed increased, support and energy drain reduced
  • MOD: Nuclear Pulse Thrusters and Array no longer overloadable
  • MOD: Dehyphenated several part name words (Antimatter, Antigrav, Antimissile); switched F-Cell/Q-Thrusters to lower case c/t
  • MOD: Force Lance renamed to Force Rifle, actual Force Lance piercing melee weapon added
  • MOD: All Demolisher variants switched to combat-type hover propulsion (slower!)
  • MOD: Score sheet Most/Average/Final Carried stat records use inventory contents size rather than count
  • MOD: Scanalyzer and Recycling Unit selection lists indicate item integrity values to aid differentiation (like Repair Station behavior)
  • MOD: Scanalyzers can now operate on broken parts and rating 9/10 prototypes (still excludes unique items found only in certain locations)
  • MOD: All part/robot schematics available one floor earlier than before
  • MOD: Critical strike damage bonus against armor now 20% (was 25%); Cogmind critical strike part loss threshold down to 33% integrity (from 50%)
  • MOD: Obstacles along line of fire in targeting mode have a bright animated glow instead of just highlighted
  • MOD: Direct terminal hacks with unchanging permanent mapwide effects (12 in all) are removed from all terminals once successfully hacked once
  • MOD: Power generation and energy/matter upkeep drain now occurs before applying any per-turn utility effects
  • MOD: Targeting autoselection for large robots prefers the location with open line of fire rather than nearest point with line of sight
  • MOD: Removed map data loss side effect of system corruption (AKA "map rot")
  • MOD: cogmind.cfg forcePauseForEnemies variable renamed to pauseMoveDurationForEnemies (value reset to default this alpha)
  • MOD: Transfer Stations now appear in blue
  • MOD: Raised volume of part swap mode activation sfx (and multiconsole switch)
  • MOD: Ally AID order can target any other ally, rather than only controllable allies
  • MOD: Matter Storage Units renamed to Matter Pods
  • MOD: Stasis link color changed from purple to yellow to differentiate from forms of protective stasis
  • MOD: Robot destruction log message no longer shown after "terminal corruption" or "critical meltdown" effects (redundant)
  • MOD: Core Heat Shield renamed Internal Heat Shield
  • MOD: -10% to hit when attacker's previous action was a move no longer applies to melee combat
  • MOD: Behemoth core switched from kinetic weakness to thermal weakness
  • MOD: Removed Grunt core kinetic weakness
  • MOD: Kinetic guns tweaked: most now have recoil, most now salvage-neutral, reduced some excessive critical chances
  • MOD: Adjusted distribution and rarity of many utilities
  • MOD: Microactuators, Quantum Capacitor and low/mid-tier Weapon Cyclers more common
  • MOD: Increased resistance effect of all Focal Shields, Thermal Shields, and the EM Shield
  • MOD: Lowered impact of certain events on alert level, most notably machine destruction
  • MOD: Alert level increase due to allied activity now based on rating--lowered for low/mid-tier variants, raised for high-tier variants
  • MOD: Cogmind base energy storage doubled to 100
  • FIX: Mouse autopathing was broken by a regression (fixed in earlier stealth update, credited here: [magi163])
  • FIX: Screenshot feature was broken by a regression (fixed in earlier stealth update, credited here: [Sherlockkat])
  • FIX: Operators that lose a Datajack might be fitted with Backup Lasers by a Mechanic [Kalkkis]
  • FIX: Internal slot counts for robots tallied incorrectly (only a minor affect, on repairs) [Decker, Amphouse]
  • FIX: Firing overloaded thermal weapons might crash the UI under certain circumstances [Amphouse]
  • FIX: Hackware art misalignment in ASCII spritesheet could reveal names of other art (regression in Alpha 11) [Amphouse]
  • FIX: Reactive Armor art not centered [Amphouse]
  • FIX: Armory dispatches were blocked from entering area [Sherlockkat]
  • FIX: scorehistory.txt recorded occupied slots rather than total slots [Sherlockkat]
  • FIX: Trojan intended to speed up fabrication only applied to a build in progress, rather than including all those afterward as intended [Decker]
  • FIX: Data Miner Network Hub terminal info referred to old/incorrect effectiveness modifier [Decker]
  • FIX: scorehistory.txt Carried Avg not divided by turn count, resulting in huge incorrect values [zxc]
  • FIX: Description of "Seed" variable in options menu didn't fit in allotted area [zxc]
  • FIX: External log file output excluded dialogue [zxc]
  • FIX: Typo in Containment Facilitator record [zxc]
  • FIX: Typo in Zion encounter dialogue text [zxc]
  • FIX: Score sheet "Traps Reused" stat tallied incorrectly [zxc]
  • FIX: Recall(Extermination) and Recall(Assault) did not actually immediately call off the target squads [zxc]
  • FIX: Subatomic Replicator temporarily increased max inventory size if attached directly from the ground with a full inventory [zxc]
  • FIX: A pair of very long lore entries were cut short in the lore collection UI [zxc, Amphouse]
  • FIX: Part sorting via ':' might not finishing shifting listed items to final position (rare, circumstances unknown) [zxc, Decker]
  • FIX: Art gallery excessively incremented collection tallies of matter storage utilities [gressup]
  • FIX: Crash on manually entering gibberish for the Fabricator Load() command
  • FIX: Using keyboard-based reverse cycling of map robots/items in targeting mode while mouse active would auto-pan the map to center on the target
  • FIX: If pure keyboard "DIRECT" drop mode (inventory skipping via ',') left to expire on its own (5s), would take two presses to reinstate it
  • FIX: Score sheet "Database Lockouts" stat wasn't being tallied
  • FIX: Special NPCs intended to follow more closely would lose that status and revert to loose follow if brought to another floor
  • FIX: Shock Trap and EM Surge Trap had their corruption severity swapped with one another (latter intended to be more powerful
  • FIX: Unique hack missing from some Testing termina
  • FIX: Makeshift hackware art background colors incorrect
  • FIX: Impact damage description in game manual still referenced pre-Alpha 6 "durability" mechanic

Now I'm off to work on Alpha 13!

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This and the last release have all but killed me xD. Need to keep the next one a bit more tame in overall scope, though it's going to include some significant new features for the earlier parts of the world (i.e. where more players spend more time), so that'll make up for it!

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