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A lot of new featured were added! Complete level redesign!

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Hello everyone, here's some information about the new version of Powerless.

Added :

  • New trophies (related to combo multiplier + new enemy + new score system)
  • Combo system (goes up when you kill enemies, time-based)
  • Pause function (Press 'P').
  • Autofire. Hold A,W,S or D to shoot.
  • Enemy spawn system
  • Level design
  • New enemy added
  • New items added
  • Made game screen bigger
  • Warning screen
  • The Idol (what is that?)

Fixed :

  • Damage display.

To fix :

  • Level balance
  • Difficulty balance
  • Fix bugs (power-up bugs, some enemy collision bugs)

To come :

  • ´╗┐Class ablities
  • Different enemies
  • Practice mode
  • More trophies
  • Better item art
  • Player death animation
  • Enemy death animation
  • Fix low-res fonts

Here's a mini-map of the new level.


Your feedback and ideas are more than welcome!

Have fun!

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