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The ally got a better revamp, allowing you to build fleets! Also, it's now easier to navigate. Tower improvements!

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Hi guys! Just a couple updates. The allied pirates just got a lot better! Now, you can recruit fellow pirate ships that you meet! They will follow you around, allowing you to build fleets and team up on stronger opponents! When you are close enough, press 'e' to recruit them. I would have used 'r' which seems more natural (r for recruit) but r is already reserved for the camera positioning. (r for reset) Also, there is now a compass and an arrow showing the current heading, so you can know the general direction of where you are going. Additionally, turning speeds were raised for allies and enemies alike, to make them more maneuverable. Also some bugs were fixed with the tower scripts, where they would essentially get rapid-fire machine gun cannons, which didn't really seem fair. :) The cool down bar was changed. It's height was shrunk, and now it's next to a cannon icon. Main menu music has been put in. A new demo is probably going to go up tomorrow, with an updated credits page. Also, feel free to leave your comments! I would love to hear what you have to say!

-Abhay Deshpande

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