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Players of Vampirix strategy game are now able to come together in alliances, receive awards and zombies travel freely in the Transylvanian lands with the new update of the android game.

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Vampirix Awards

The latest release of Vampirix allows creation and management of alliances built on trust as an alliance permits players to donate armies from one ally to another.

The new update of the transylvanian made strategy game also introduces zombies as a form of strategy AI. As the developers put it: when a players becomes inactive for a long time, the character of that players goes zombie and starts attacking at random. The zombie player may grow as he is also upgrading its buildings and fencing off other players attacks. The AI introduced in the game is not too advanced, say developers, but can adapt to the game round dynamics.
The zombies are discreet though. They can only be uncovered by other players using the Elixir of Truth potion.

Developers also add that the Artificial Intelligence algorithms may be upgraded in the future to match more complex gaming strategies and may also be added a chat component.


The latest update also brings to main awards that are given to the players permanently. The Winner Award and the All Badges Award are shown on the players' page even after the end of a monthly game round.

Weird Horoscopes an AI Characters with journals

Vampirix main two star characters, Mootzulea and Mary Read, keep a daily journal on the Vampirix official website. The AI driven characters chat about daily occurrences in their weird vampirix life. The developers also launched a funny daily Vampirix Horoscope on the official website.
You may find Mootzulea's diary and Mary Read's diary here: Vampirix.com
The Weird Vampirix Horoscope is here: Vampirix.com

About Vampirix Strategy Game

Vampirix is a multiplayer casual real time strategy game developed in real Transylvania. It's an old school like game, with build and fight strategies, with resources, armies and economy.
There are monthly rounds. You harvest these little red creatures, vampirix, from various buildings. They're not really vampires, but are related to Dracula. You also get scientists that keep the creatures under control. With your armies you attack other players or public places where you may get artifacts and potions. Strategy is the most important.
Vampirix is developed by City Beetles.The game is available for android and Windows 11 devices.

Google Play Page - Play.google.com
Official Page: Vampirix.com

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