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All weapons models are finished,enter and see the images of the models with renders

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Smgs and shotgunHk MP5KFN P90SPAS-12 with gray color

SneakySoft - - 340 comments

Very nice, could you show some wireframe screenshots? I always like to see how it's modelled ;)

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kinesis916 - - 739 comments

Wow the lighting is a bit bright. But I do concur these aren't bad, it would be nice to see some wires though. It is always nice to see how people have actually modelled their stuff.

Incidently are you going to texture these and add bake a nice normal map for them?

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AlekZanDer - - 2,695 comments

I'm not surprised.One of the related groups is BioCommando Team.

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shepard62fr - - 491 comments

Nice work, waiting for textured versions !

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Wakkaboom - - 469 comments

Woah, thos are some beautiful H-L models!!

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Maiten Author
Maiten - - 364 comments

Thanks everyone for the nice comments

see here the models with texture and wire
p90 Img248.imageshack.us
mp5k Img36.imageshack.us
spas-12 Img252.imageshack.us

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kinesis916 - - 739 comments

Thanks for them. What do the poly/tri counts come to?

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Kundito. - - 13 comments

Como te esforsas mai eh ;)

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