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The seventh iteration of Space Station Alpha is now available, bringing a host of minor bug fixes and a few big things that have been planned for a while.

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Aliens will now express their unhappiness physically by releasing their rage upon fellow guests and expensive equipment. This is just the beginning as your not-so-loyal customers will be given several other crimes to commit in future updates.

As usual if you already have the game you will be given the opportunity to update from the title menu or use your email and password to login and download here.

If you haven't got the game yet, you can download it at the store page.

Alpha 7

Major Changes
- Customer Crime! Customers can now turn to violence if they are allowed to be unhappy enough for long enough. Be careful as being punched in the face by a violent stranger can make customers unhappy and create a spiral of violence. Workers can be switched to guard mode but you will need at least 3-4 to take down one strong alien. (More crimes to come)
- Customers can no longer be granted permanent residency. Now a happy tourist will move in if the permanent population limit hasn't been reached and there are private homes available.
- Rent has been added as a source of income, every permanent resident with a home will pay $100 per day.
- Maintenance fees of $20 per worker per day have been implemented. It is less viable to have huge number of workers running around now :-)

Minor Changes
- Queued constructions (walls, floors and doors) can now be cancelled for free with a destroy order.
- Default max population raised from 4 to 6. Default max permanent population is 1, you will need command and control to raise it and increase your permanent population.

Bug Fixes
- Worker bay was not working if built in Engineering.
- Landing pads were sometimes taking ships with them when destroyed.
- Metal pallets will now build properly every time (probably).
- Landing pads no longer cause infinite explosions if not maintained.
- Cryosleep Chambers can no longer be used during construction.
- Solar panels now take a space as soon as they are placed, rather than on construction. This prevents the solar stacking exploit, sorry guys.
- Resident info cards near the bottom of the screen will be shifted up rather than falling off your monitor. (list still falls off screen but the resident list will be overhauled in the next update.


Get Space Station Alpha now for Windows and Linux www.nuclearfirecracker.com.

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