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The Update for Alien Line Up is going live tomorrow

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This version of Alien Line Up is going to drastically change the game. Due to our programmer getting sick we were not able to include any power ups in the update but he promised that once he feels better he is going to implement a new weapon system into the game

What has changed?
In this version of Alien Line Up the game has been drastically changed. The following features will be taken out of the game:

  • Aliens will no longer shift down the rows
  • Aliens will no longer appear within 2 rows of the player
  • Players can no longer go off the screen to avoid aliens
  • Player shots no longer pass through the aliens killing more than 1

Though it's not all bad. Cooler features have been added to the game to increase playability

  • Player's gain 1 shot every x seconds making scoring and surviving harder
  • Aliens now fire lasers depending on their speed. Slower aliens shoot faster while faster aliens shoot slower
  • Players will now have a minimal GUI on the top left hand side of the screen so that they can see their score and number of shots.

What's in store for the future
We are planning to add in a new weapon system that will help the player to survive longer and allow players to gain more points at a faster rate the longer they survive. We also are going to implement power ups into the game such as bombs, plasma shots, and extra lives. Depending on feedback from various sources we may also begin adding in bosses (though this would not be until v0.0.5 or later).

If you would like to test out v0.0.1 before it gets updated click here.

Make sure to check out our website exanimgames.com and our youtube channel.

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