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Hey everybody, I'm proud to announce the start of new game called Alien Line Up. Keep Reading for more details.

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Hey everybody, I'm proud to announce the start of new game called Alien Line Up. This game is going to be Exanim Games first official release and we are so excited that what was once a joking idea is now coming into fruition.

The Game
This game is going to be basic sic-fi arcade game reminiscent of games such as Galaga or Radiant but on much simpler and unique terms. In this game players are going to be trying to survive while they fight off an alien horde. There will be multiple powerups such as extra lives, bombs, and plasma shots. Players will have to use these in order to survive.

The player's ship has been damaged and left to drift in space. Do to the damage taken buy the ship's thrusters and main weapons system players can only move horizontally and shots can only be fired after a certain amount of time. Players have to avoid the hostile life forms trying to destroy the ship. Luckily space has become a mess so random items such as bombs, plasma shots, and hearts can found drifting around. Using these items and the player's abilities to dodge and shoot, player's will have to survive and try to wipe out the alien horde before there ship gets destroyed.

The Exanim Games website is finally put together. We just need to add content, and what better content is there to add then video games. So we are going to be posting this game on our website all throughout its development process. Once we are finished with building the game we are going to allow downloads of the game for $1 on our site. Anybody that wants to play version 0.0.1 please click here.

Finally we want this game to be a game built off of the community so if you have any input on what you would like to see put in the game you can email us at controlcenter@exanimgames.com

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