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Two more Alchemic Jousts videos this week, though something unexpected appeared on one of the Elementals... that must be a bug...

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We bring 2 new Alchemic Jousts videos today.

First one is a Combat mode Joust with the "Air Spam" Global Effect, causing any air Spell casted to also create an Air Elemental. That was used by the AI to send huge air attacks, which unfortunatelly, destroyed me :(

The Second one features a King of the Hill game mode with the "Global Enchants" Global Effect, in which... wait... are those glasses????

We will keep posting videos like those weekly on our Youtube channel, so subscribe there if you like them.

About Us

Lunatic Pixels is a 2 man indie studio based in Barcelona, coming from experienced backgrounds in game production such as 3D character works (including cinematic projects of known titles as Gears of War, Halo or Dead Island), and game engine programing and design.

Alchemic Jousts is our first game, and we are putting all our passion into this first project, focusing in creating a very polished, fun and interesting gameplay mechanic.

Please, consider following us on our website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and/or IndieDB to keep up-to-date with our game announcements and news!

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