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I would like to tell yall about a good accident that just happened.

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Howdy, everyone!
I would like to tell yall about a good accident that just happened. The story begins with an Asset pack I recently bought for the game. The Asset pack was for vehicle physics. Here is the link to it. Assetstore.unity.com

Anyway. I loaded it up. In a separate project so I could see how the vehicles worked. And I just started messing with it. And playing around with it. Driving vehicles etc. And I noticed that the character controller was very fast. And it also slid while walking. I didn't pay it no mind. For a little while. But then after playing with the cars a checking them out. I went out of the game.

Here is the video btw before I forget.

Then I went back in a few more times. Just messing around and testing stuff. But I kept noticing how the character kept on sliding. And I wondered to myself. If I could make it slide more. So I changed the speed settings on it at first. When I did, I noticed it slid more. After selecting the character controller I noticed another set. Called Max Velocity change. I thought at first. To try to ramp it up. To about 2 or 3. Because being from Neo Axis. the higher something is. The more it will do. But when I went in and tested it. I noticed the sliding stopped.

Then I went back and changed it back to .5. And the sliding came back. That was when I realized that if I change it lower. It will slide more. So I at first changed it to -2 and basically, it made me fly off the map lol. I was like Dang. Ok. Then I changed it to .1 and the sliding was much better. And I also made the character jump really high. And begun running around on the map. And noticed. That it was sliding kind of like skiing in the Tribes series. When I bounced over a hill. So I brought the settings down to .05. Then the skiing was a little bit too much. Anyway, finally, I brought it back up to about .09 and the skiing began to get much better. Anyway, I will let the video speak for itself. It will take a bit to get it down right. And make it where it changes with a button press. But hopefully, this will get yall tribes fans excited.

I have always wanted Skiing like Tribes in our game. And it looks like this time. We will have it! Woohoo!

Anyway thanks so much!
Night Hawk.

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