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Two years ago today, I started on this project. Thank you, IndieDB, for all your support as I look back.

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2012: Prologue

December 12

I have "a vaguely entertaining idea for a steampunk game" and hash it out with my friend David over chat.

Zarkonnen: Oh, I had a vaguely entertaining idea for a steampunk game.

David: Oh?

Read the full transcript and discover how much of the game was already designed at the point, and what changed radically.

2013: Prototype

September 29

Aggravated by problems with a nonpaying client, I start prototyping this game about building and blowing up airships.

October 25

Ship design and basic combat both work. Oh, the early days of a project, when major features get written in an afternoon.

November 25

Hey, multiplayer works too!

2014: First Appearances

March 25

The very first early access version is available for $5 on itch.io. To my relief, several people buy it the same day.

April 19

Having spent several weeks sorting through demo tracks, I sign up Curtis Schweitzer to create music for the game.

July 7

YouTuber Stuff+ makes his first video of Airships. Sales spike! Many more videos follow.

July 26

Airships gets posted on Steam Greenlight. I start boring everyone around me with constant updates on its vote tally.

2015: Steam, Festivals and Videos

January 7

The Steam floodgates creak open. Airships is greenlit along with a few hundred other games.

February 24

Local Zurich newspaper 20 Minuten features me and my game, mentions my flashing eyes.

February 25

The game debuts on Steam Early Access. I have to fill out a document explaining why the game is early access, which boils down to "well, it's not done yet".

April 20

I show the game at AMAZE Berlin and waylay poor Rami Ismail for an opinion. A few months later, Airships 7.2 introduces screen shake. Coincidence? I think not.

May 14

Airships goes to Fantasy Basel! I gently ruin my feet from all the standing and get to watch lots of people play the game.

May 29

I start occasionally streaming the game's development on twitch.tv.

June 16

A persistent heat wave causes me to stop making sense in the middle of a live stream. I pause gamedev streaming for the time being.

August 3

I guest on the Play on Ultra podcast and make an extremely tortured analogy comparing early access games to romantic infatuation.

August 6

After a long gestation period, version 7 introduces landships, making the game title completely incorrect.

September 15

With the weather cooling down, I restart streaming.

September 18

The game reaches 98% positive reviews on Steam. Turns out people sorta like it.

September 29

Two years of Airships: Conquer the Skies! This is mildly dizzying, so I write a retrospective post as a coping mechanism - and create a new trailer:

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Come along way, been great tracking your game evolving.

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