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The changes I have made for the AHOS 0.2.1 version.

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Alternate History of Sweden v0.2.1

Made by Samsid

OBSERVE: You will need all expansions and a checksum of GSKH before installing
Also no other mods enabled. Mods such as Black Ice or Modern Warfare will cause issues.


- Added Swedish air leaders.
- Fixed the last incorrect politician in Sweden.

- I did a revamp of the defines.lua file. Here are some of the results. Features in parenthesis are planned for the next release.

- Increased base river crossing penalty.
- Radios reach further. (Hierarchy lines won't be red so easily :D
- Doubled the amount of land experience gain.
- (Decreased the organisation hit for changing/adding leaders.)
- Increased combat movement speed.
- Ever noticed that dissent doesn't effect combat? Well now it does :D
- Increased dug-in modifier for combat. Also you can spend 20 days diggin those beautiful trenches :)
- Combat has to go on for a full day in order for your tropps to get stalled.
- Made encirlclement, envelopment and several attacks more efficent.
- Made better generals more efficent in combat
- Increased max historical models to 20, e.g. you can bukíld 20 Waffen SS or Ranger regiments in total. Or if it is divisions, I don't know.
- (Made generals more likely to change tactic if it has been countered. Seeing if I can make it more/less likely according to the general skill)
- (Superior armor now makes combat much easier.
- Naval prides get a larger experience boost.)

Features planned for the next release

- Clouds make weather much colder.
- Minimum and maximum temperature for attrition now decreased. -15 degreeds C now causes atrittion, while 25 degreeds C can also cause attrition.
- Cold and warm temperatures causes more severe attrition.
- Rain makes combat more inefficent.
- Clouds/rain make air combat harder.
- Wind makes navies faster :D (Same with planes)
- Weather makes movement delay more.
- Clouds/rain makes air spotting harder
- Mud now effects province supply tax further.
- Partisans also increase supply tax.
- Adding and then cancelling trade no longer has neutral relation penalty, but makes the target like you more.

Please be aware that I have erased all models from the mod as I intend to make a major overhaul of them in later releases.

Update History:
Alternare History of Sweden v0.1 Release:
2016-05-31 (May 30th)
-Beta version

Alternare History of Sweden v0.2 Release:
2016-10-15 (October 15th)
-Beta version

Alternare History of Sweden v0.2.1 Release:
2016-12-29 (December 29th)
-Beta Patch

Alternare History of Sweden v0.3 Release:
Coming Soon!
-Beta version

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