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Post news RSS AereA - New class and arena - Rock Desert

In this news week we have more info about Lute Mage, Rock Desert and the Grick.

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Hello everyone, its time for another news week =)

This time let me show a class for those who wanna play the game with powerful music spells!

The Lute Mage

The Lute Mage use his errr... Lute as a Rod, he can cast spells and use music sheets like magic scrolls.
You can play offensive or be like a healer helping the party, it's your call :)


This creature is the demise of adventures, you can find it in the Spirel Deserts, learn its patterns will help you avoid the attacks.
The real problem is when one Grick hold you and call other Gricks to serve you as a banquet.

Rock Desert

Speaking of desert, this is the stage where you will find the Grick and other creatures, oh the scorpions, the nightmares, still hurts :/


This is it for this week.
I would like to thank for all the feedback and suggestions you guys are providing here and on our fanpage.

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See you next week =)

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