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Come watch some NPC's use their new Kiting ability to kill the new bear that we have just added to the Early Access build.

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Bears. Since we were children, we have ALL loved them. Their soft furriness, their love of honey... their attitude. What's not to love. And now everything that we love about bears is being added to Adventure Craft. Yes. We now have bears.

The bear is one of the new "stronger" enemy types that you will encounter in the Early Access build of the game. You will typically find them wandering around in the forest looking for honey and being generally bad ass. They aren't very friendly.

The bears in Adventure Craft are very strong creatures that can do massive damage if they land a hit on you. Although their attack takes a few moments to be unleashed, it CANNOT be interrupted once it begins. So when those claws come out, you had better back up or you might get instantly KO'd! Luckily they won't chase you very far before they lose interest but they are very fast so if you find yourself being chased by one try and distract it!

We have also added some smaller caves that bears like to make their home. Right now they just look like this but I will prob make them look more cave like in a later update.

I spawned a group of NPC's that "kite" a lot and pit them against a single bear for your amusement to see how the fight would pan out! Enjoy!

If you would like to try the Pre-Alpha Demo of Adventure Craft you can get it here! NOTE: Features in this blog post may not be present in the Pre-Alpha but will be included in the Early Access version of the game.

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