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This months dev diary covers the recent additions to the Mission Editor, which includes a Navpoint system for more complex and unique mission layouts. Then learn about the space superiority fighter features and abilities for engagement in combat.

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In this August 2019 developer diary for Absolute Territory:

I demonstrate the new Navpont System for the Mission Editor. Navpoints break up the Mission into multiple zones for the player to complete a set of objectives as laid out by the designer (you!). If you have ever played the Wing Commander video game series you'll be familiar with this format.

Based on feedback from the playable Alpha demo it seems players are not making themselves familiar with the abilities of their chosen space superiority fighter. To inform, I go into detail covering the basics and more advanced features that will help players increase their odds of surviving against multiple hostile opponents.

Watch the video to find out more...

Absolute Territory is a space combat action game for PC. Other platforms will be considered once released on PC.

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