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This is in the early development stages of the game things will probably change : Please add your own suggestions

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About the game v2

Fighting a boss in Project R isn’t as simple as running up and hitting it, it requires you to use a different strategy thinking about the element of the monster and its attack patterns. For instance one boss requires you to solve a puzzle while it summons monsters to attack you. once you have killed a boss it will be dead for good and the land it had invaded will change to represent that.

Throughout the world you will come across men/women who are willing to fight for gold, you can hire and fire them as you wish but they keep the levels they gained while they traveled with you. So if you need some help in a dungeon and cant summon just go and hire one of these guys to help you out.

Monster raising system?
Its an idea to have a class that can capture monster eggs and raise them to fight alongside them in battle, but I think this will be to similar to the summoner class so its only an idea at the moment.

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