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About what comes next, and some comments on the feedback I received.

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There's quite a lot to be said in this news. First of all, thanks a lot. For the feedback, for the support towards a future project, for the high ratings and all the downloads.

We've easily made it to 1500 downloads and it hasn't been two weeks. I would have been happy with 100 downloads, to be honest xD.

I think the following lines sum up pretty well all the feedback I received on The Silver Key.

First of all, the mapping has been appreciated. It's most likely the strongest point of this mod (at least the one I worked the hardest on).

Some of the puzzles have confused people, because I indicated poorly what to do next at some points (library area).

Puzzles lacked originality. I don't think anyone considered the puzzles as "really bad", but it's true that it's nothing really new. Find ladders to climb up/down, break planks, create potions, find keys and use levers. Nothing new there and I can understand puzzles haven't been really exciting to solve.

The story has been overall enjoyed.

BUGS. There are some bugs in the mod (Autosave messed up because I'm bad) and I had to upload a patch to fix the Boss Fight. Other bugs have been reported and I'll do the best to fix them if they are my bad.

Let's jump to my plans for the future.

As you guys might have understood, Collapsing Cosmos is a series. The Silver Key was the very first mod of this series, it is a project I really enjoyed making and I am glad with the feedback I received.
But this is not the end. At all. I'm already thinking about ideas for the next Collapsing Cosmos, that is going to feature the following points :

-Improved and more ambitious mapping. I have only ideas for now, but I'm planning more creative areas overall, most likely a town featuring a new level of detailing and realism. Also, bigger outdoor areas. Basically, outdoor areas that should feel realistic.

-Better puzzles and improved mementos/communication with the player.

-Longer mod. This next project is a lot more ambitious and I will try to give a longer playtime.

I am sadly unable to work on this mod a lot for now. Simply because I will try to enter videogame schools in march and april, and it's pretty hard because there is a lot of competition. I am focused on this now, and I do not have much time to map. BUT I am trying to find new ideas, a long and interesting storyline, new gameplay elements... Until April, I am only looking for ideas so don't expect a real update on the next Collapsing Cosmos.

I have made a first mod and now all I can do is improve myself. And I am willing to learn, so the next Collapsing Cosmos will be better. And I will work on it as hard as I worked on The Silver Key, except I'll be more experienced.

I hope you guys will follow me on this next adventure. Thanks again for the support, this mod has been an amazing experience.

I think that's about it for this huge news, sorry for the wall of text.

Benjamin "Daortir" Odonne.

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