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General Information and Credits About This Expansion Sub Mod

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First credit should be given where credit is due, I do not really see this as a standalone mod but rather a sub-mod or expansion of the 16th Century Mod. I was extremely impressed with it, however I saw it as somewhat lacking when it came to quality of its translation. My work on Mondum Ignem Et Gladium begun as a private translation, but then for fun that lead me to modifying the troop trees, starting with the Polish-Lithuanian troop tree. Then I just kept going for fun in order to add more of what I saw as historically-accurate content to the mod (I try to do my best in terms of research before expanding upon a troop tree but at times I take a fair degree of liberties with my choices). Eventually I decided to release my work to share it with other players who might find what I did do the mod enjoyable as well. My hope is to one day expand upon all of the factions in the mod so that others will be just as excited to see and play as their homelands in this mod as I was when I saw that 16th Century Mod included Poland-Lithuania. Again I would like to thank the 16th Century Mod team (Mskimizd, Ellis, and Yifeng), without their work this expansion sub-mod would not exist, and neither would hours I spent playing around in their mod. Also thank you to Khorps, whose translation of city names and some troop names are included in Mondum Ignem Et Gladium, Mariusz Kozil whose art (with mosaic modification) you can see on the loading screen, the team behind the Battle of Grunwald mod, and creators of packs and mods from which 16th Century Mod borrows its assets.

I'm planning on releasing future updates to the mod every time I finish expanding upon all factions in given regions: Europe, Africa, Americas, and Asia. Afterwards I'll probably put out one more update adding more items to the Livonian Confederation and perhaps other ones as well as finishing balancing head, feet, and hand armor items as well as weapons. After that is finished I don't plan on developing this sub-mod any further, it's a fun hobby and passion project, but my livelihood lies somewhere else.

If you want to see more of Mondum Ignem Et Gladium or speak to me directly you can visit my YouTube Channel where I have videos of my playthrough of the mod as I develop it, or stop by Twitch channel (regularity of my streams depends on my study schedule) where so far I've been streaming development and play-through of Mondum on weekly basis.

I hope you'll enjoy this sub-mod as much as I enjoyed the 16th Century Mod, and if in turn you too will find a way to improve upon it, I would love to see your vision. Also if you'll decide to do a let's play of it as well, let me know! I would love to see what stories players come up with.

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