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This article contains a longer and more detailed explanation about Long Gone Days.

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Long Gone Days is set in our world during the current century, featuring real countries but fictional historical events.

It follows the story of Rourke, a young man who was designated to be a soldier at birth. Rourke was born in the core of the earth, a place invisible to the rest of the world. In this society, the State chooses everyone’s career depending on their necessities, training them for that job since the moment they learn to speak, so as they become older, they are experts in their fields, and they are guaranteed to have a job.

After being deployed to the surface, Rourke finds himself in a world full of new things, and for the first time in his man-made life, he feels like he has a choice. Driven by his will to be free, he does the impossible to desert his post and convince others, not really knowing the overall consequences of his actions.

Gameplay features:

  • Long Gone Days is a modern-day RPG with turn-based battles, quests and lots of dialogues.
  • The game is in english, but during your journey some NPCs will speak in their native tongues. This means you’ll need specific party members to help you out to buy at shops and complete quests.
  • As you take the lead, you must make sure to keep the morale high to keep the team together. This can be achieved by saying the right thing during dialogues and helping them out during battles. When the morale is too low they won’t even fight for you.
  • There are a couple of mini-games as the characters try to break out of their bubbles and learn about social conventions.

Main Characters


Rourke: 22 years old Sniper from the core.

Rourke is usually self-absorbed and nothing seems to really interest him. He works for his own benefit most of the time, but knows how to manipulate people into thinking he actually cares about the rest. The only thing that seems to motivate him is the fact that he’ll finally be sent on deployment.


Adair: 21 years old Combat Medic from the core.

Adair might come as a rude person because of his serious personality and lack of humour, but he's an honest guy who cares about others. He has been deployed once.


Ivan Cherevatenko: 29 years old Interpreter from Kaliningrad.

Ivan works at the shelters and he doesn't fight. He seemed intimidating when the party first met him, but he's quite friendly. Ivan helps the party by being their translator and teaching them about the world.


Lynn: 23 year old ??? from ???.

Lynn arrived to the shelters a couple of months before the start of the story. Not much of her is known yet.

First Screenshots

I’ll be updating this part as soon as I finish more tilesets.

Peaceful times with Vanya and Lynn


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I need a time-machine to inform that 'old' Camila that she will succeed on SquareEnix and IndieGoGo with her wonderful concepts and demo. Just to see her reaction :3

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