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Post news RSS ABEM 0.4.1 is now (belatedly) live on ModDB!

ModDB drew the short straw, it seems... Seriously, though. There's a new patch. Still, announcing and providing patch notes.

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Not much new to see, I'm afraid:

  • The mod now checks if the current version and revision of SR2 are supported, and spews out warnings if they aren't. (In the case of minor updates, this probably isn't a problem - but major patches? Play at your own peril.)
  • Added Spatial Anomaly Occurrence and Black Hole Occurrence to game configuration settings.
  • Changed the description of Ablative Armor to be in line with its functionality. (It is now the description of SUPPORT Ablative Armor that doesn't match its functionality... sigh.)
  • Fixed an issue where the IRC window was erroneously obscured by various menus such as the multiplayer menu.

Standard reminder, the patch notes for versions 0.040 through 0.4.1 can be found here.

Also, seeing as the expansion is presumably only a month away, I would like to remind you that ABEM will not work with the expansion, correctly or incorrectly, for an undetermined period after it is released. It is strongly recommended that you disable the mod a day before the expansion's release date (whenever that is) to avoid having to tamper with your mods.txt file and manually disabling it. In fact, you should probably disable all mods that way, just to be safe.

Most graphics mods (like shipsets or flag mods) might be fine, but anything messing with gameplay, especially ABEM or dolynick's Faction Addon, should not be given the chance to crash or otherwise break the game.

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