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We've launched SimPocalypse out of Early Access on Steam the previous month, now releasing a major post-release update 'A Step Forward', which contains several new neat features, improves balancing, Quality of life,...

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Hello everyone,

we've launched SimPocalypse out of Early Access on Steam the previous month, and things were fully busy around the Launch week and after (we'll probably be sharing more details on how the release went in one of our next posts).
Now, after our Steam Debut game has launched, we decided to release another major update, which contains several new neat features, improves balancing and Quality of Life.

A step forward

What's new with v1.1/ A Step Forward?

- Achievements for total citizens will now also award research points (RPs)! (existing saves should get the difference automatically)
- Limit orders introduced to the market, allowing you to place orders that will be triggered when a certain price is hit. Requires unlock in research

market orders

- investments feature added to Economy category, which gives some major effects to several aspects of late-game (enemy scaling, research points gained...). Can be unlocked in Research

Investments (new category)

- Combat automation panel ID added – making it much easier to control your automation from map/battle, especially at high speeds

Combat Battle automation pannel

- added combat automation setting to auto-attack new region
- added 2x more research upgrades for inventory slots (+12 slots)

Research new items added

- Preferred game language will be auto-detected for new users on Steam
- some extra sound effects added

- Research Points gained from knowledge will now be gained slower for the first 15 points, but faster from that point onwards – this helps balance RPs gained from achievements and improves late-game scaling
- assign hotkeys will now NOT require holding down the keys. If you preferred requiring holding it down, you can toggle it back in settings -> quality of life
- when placing colonies, they will now remember the “auto-expand” options from the last time you changed it
- limit orders + investments + research upgrade scaling help improve the main late-game balancing issues of market/combat/research points

- fixed an issue when sometimes starting a new game would display a starting scene in a weird ratio
- fixed a bug where manage plans were sometimes bugged out after a prestige
- product stock progress will now update realtime
- fixed some issues where certain achievement types didn't work properly
- fixed a bug where pressing ESC during continent selection would bug out the game
- fixed a bug where scrolling & zooming in short succession would cause the game to bug out

- vastly improved market UI, to make it more useful
- buy/assign quick keys added to the UI, which allow you to quickly rotate between the assign/build options
- changed achievement rewards to show icons instead of text
- added some clearer information to the product stock page
- some text fixes/improvements
- fixed an issue where advancement/under button costs would show /h when they shouldn't
- improved UI in combat view a bit


Hope you find the update interesting to play, here's some links where you can try the game out (we'd love to hear any of your feedback):


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